Lawrence, Ron, Ralph and Michael H. share their stories.

Color Him Father allows readers to not only understand loss through the eyes of these men, but also celebrates who these amazing people are and will forever be. The book is a collection of memories that will make readers laugh, smile, cry, and reflect on the life they have lived through their own unique lens. Color Him Father consist of ten chapters.
Starting with Chapter One detailing Dr. Drake’s authentic and honest story about his relationship with  his  daughter,  and concludes with Chapter Ten: “Killing Me Softly” which provides a rare and insightful lens into Black fatherhood. The in-between chapters include stories from Michael Bennett; Washington, DC & Los Angeles, California, Ron Sumpter; Atlanta, Georgia, David Nokes Jr,; Phoenix Arizona, Michael Hyter; Washington, DC; Ralph Dickerson Jr.; New York, New York and Lovell Thornton who also resides in Atlanta, Georgia. “As a brotherhood no man wants to join” – this group of men offer extraordinary personal revelations about the relationship each  of them shares with their children and how they’ve learned as much from them as they taught “said Dr. Drake. These “Seven strong, courageous, and transparent men share their story in Color Him Father, revealing personal stories that we hope will resonate with every reader. From love and loss, to tragedies and triumphs, the author hopes this book will take you beyond the storytelling to a place where you have an opportunity maybe for the first time to view “Black fatherhood” and by proxy black men “differently.”